The Rainforest


The rainforest is one of our biggest ecosystem in the world. You probably have heard the saying: “the rainforest is the lungs of our world”

This is completely true. This is where there is the most oxygen in the whole wide world! This is where there is the most fascinating animals, fruits and where all of our medication comes from. Did you know that if we continue acting like this and destroying the rainforest, it could disappear in less than 40 years!

Do you really want this to happen?


Fun Nature!



Hey nature lovers! This is a link to a science/nature website. It is interesting and fun to learn new things, and this is where you will! So please check it out!

Polar Bears, Polar Lives

Polar bears are bears that live in the North Pole. They have the same characteristics as brown or black bears but they don’t hibernate. Beacause they live in the cold, they are used to it, so in winter, they don’t need to hibernate. Only pregnant polar bears do, to keep warm. Brown, black and other kinds of bears do have to hibernate because their bodies are not made for the intense cold that winter has!

A Mind Under Water

Dolphins are special animals. They can breath under water and over water. They have a mind that works differently than us. When we sleep, we close both our eyes, and our mind “shuts down” as we could say. But for them, when they close their eyes to sleep, one part of their mind “shuts down” while the other one is still working. They use this method so that they could still see if a predator is close to them and also, so they don’t forget to breath once in a while!

Nature Is Nature, Dont You See?

A tree is a tree, a human is a human, a living being is a living being!

All of nature, trees, plants, animals, even the soil and the water has the right to be here, on our planet. People are destroying it to create things, like buildings, factories, and other buildings that destroy nature. Why do we need all of those things? Yes, so that we can have jobs and shops and stuff, but why are we destroying nature for us? We should think about all our surroundings! By cutting down trees, we are destroying thousands of homes for animals, and that is the same for all of nature. We are making animals flee their homes, for us to build things. We should be protecting them, not destroying their only home! For example, in the rainforest, people are cutting down more and more trees to market the wood and paper and to expand the land for homes. This means it destroys one of our ecosystems! Please Help Nature! 🙂