We landed!

Have you heard? Rosetta has finaly reached its destination, this november 12th, after ten years of orbitting space!
But Rosetta is not alone! Philae, a robot the size of a washing machine made its descend on the comet! Every one is very excited. The first ones to have send a space ship to earth for it to land on a comet!

Go Philae! ❤


Laura the Lionhearted – Monochrome Madness

Love this image ❤

Laura Macky Photography

This week’s Monochrome Madness has me posting a picture of a lion.  I’d love to say I was on a safari in Africa and dodged the charge of a rhino or fought a monkey to keep my banana, but the truth of the matter is that this was taken at the San Francisco Zoo, lol.

My goal was to make it seem like I didn’t take it at the zoo, so I won’t stop you from envisioning me in a pith hat, camping out in the wilderness, hiding behind some brush with an ultra-long lens.  Yes, I boldly stood in front of a lion pen at the zoo and DARED to focus on this beautiful beast!  I know, I’m so bold and brave…one might say I am “lionhearted”.  🙂

The image was taken in color and converted to B&W via Nik SEP2 with a bit of dodging and burning on…

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The Rainforest


The rainforest is one of our biggest ecosystem in the world. You probably have heard the saying: “the rainforest is the lungs of our world”

This is completely true. This is where there is the most oxygen in the whole wide world! This is where there is the most fascinating animals, fruits and where all of our medication comes from. Did you know that if we continue acting like this and destroying the rainforest, it could disappear in less than 40 years!

Do you really want this to happen?